Pearls are June’s Birthstone

Pearl is the official birthstone for the month of June.  Pearl is named after the Latin word “perna”, meaning spherical.  No one truly knows when the first pearl was discovered but China has been freshwater pearling since 1000 BC.  Pearls are traditionally given for the 30th wedding anniversary.

Pearls are the only gem that grow inside a living creature, so instead of being mined like other gems, pearls are farmed and harvested.  A natural pearl only occurs once in 15,000 mollusks.  Due to this and the desire for pearls, highly skilled technicians began to put a nucleus or piece of mantle tissue into mollusks to help them produce a pearl.  This process is called “culturing.”  Cultured pearls have been around since the 1920’s. 

The best way to clean pearls is to wipe them off with a soft cloth after each wearing to remove any residues that might damage their luster.  Use mild soapy water for a more thorough washing once in a while, and always make sure the string is completely dry before wearing your pearl strand again.