Carat Weights

What does the unit carat represent?

Interestingly enough, it is the weight of one carab seed, a product of the locust tree. These seeds are nearly uniform in weight and therefore were used by early gem traders as a unit of weight by which to measure their diamonds.

Diamond carat weight comparison
Carat weight is the physical weight of the diamond. A carat is a unit of weight measurement for diamonds and colored gemstones. One carat is divided into 100 points, with each point equaling 1/100th (.01) of a carat (ct.). Larger diamonds are not only more rare, but they also enhance all the other characteristics. In a large diamond, clarity, cut and color all work together to show the brilliance and fire of a diamond. However, among large and small diamonds, the smaller could be more valuable if it has a better cut, color and clarity.

This is a chart that explains the range of acceptable carat weights (points) used in our fractional descriptions. Since no two diamonds are exactly alike, diamond carat weights must fall within the decimal range listed in this chart for specific fractional descriptions to be used to describe the weight of diamonds in a particular piece of our jewelry.